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How we do it

Liqueurs are sweet spirits, which is probably why we like them so much. The raw material for this ‘sweetness’ is either palm sugar or molasses. And we use the best! There are five stages in the process of making Bali Moon liqueurs:


We ferment our raw sugar so that it becomes wine and then we distill it three times. This allows us to make a 96% proof alcohol to use as our basic spirit


To soften the taste we add spring water to the spirit which reduces the alcohol content to a more acceptable level.


Then we combine the sweetness of molasses with the natural essence of fruits, beans, nuts or herbs to provide a variety of delicious flavours.


And through a secret formula and marrying process we are able to combine these flavours to bring you unique liqueurs.

And finally

To make a difference to those liqueurs that need it, we enhance the essence using an old Balinese recipe.

The rest as they say, is drinking it!