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The Indonesian Bartenders Association (ABI) is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with a Bartender Flairxologist challenge at the 69 Tequila Bar located in the Grand Istana Rama Hotel on Jalan Pantai Kuta.
Show your support and go there on Monday, 22 December 2014. It starts at 12 noon and will finish when when it finishes!
Entertainment includes live bands, DJs and an FDJ performance.
PLUS … we will have our 9 To REMEMBER booth selling a delicious range of vodka cocktails to go!
You don’t want to miss it!


christmas drinks hot toddy

It quite literally wouldn’t be a merry Christmas without some wonderful drinks.

Somehow they take a backseat throughout all the worrying about turkey cooking times and hoovering up pine needles, but Christmas drinks should be about more than some discount bubbly at the supermarket. Although that’s great too.

Christmas is a time to let loose the creativity in the drinks department. Whether it’s some amazing beers you’ve never tried, a wonderful hot buttered rum after a winter walk, or that old classicmulled wine, there is no feeling in the world like relaxing, feet up in front of the fire with a drink during Christmas.

And then there’s the parties. In my house it was always gin and tonics, stubby beers and the odd glass of sherry if we were going to be eating something later. But not this year. We’ve got together with Drinks Tube and Jamie Magazine to create a whopping 35 new Christmas cocktailsfor you. From winter daiquiris to Pimped-up Prosecco to spiced pomegranate-infused gin viaHoliday slushies we’ve got everything – even an alcohol-free Mulled pear and ginger drink for the kids.

Courtesy of Jamie Oliver



We’ve brought you four incredible years of London Cocktail Week and now we’re taking on the world of wine too!

This year, get ready for a another week-long festival celebrating our capital’s fantastic bar scene – London Wine Week – taking place from 02 – 08 June 2014.

A unique seven day celebration of the capital’s flourishing wine scene, set against the backdrop of some of London’s finest bars and restaurants; London Wine Week will help you to decode the wine list and find new confidence and knowledge when ordering.

Working in just the same way as London Cocktail Week, all you need to do is buy a wristband to enjoy premium wine by the glass or tasting flight in any of the venues mapped out on our Wine Tours. All featured wines would usually only be available by the bottle, priced at £35 or over, but will be available for wristband wearers for just £5 a glass.

There will also be a whole host of specially created events across the week to further your wine knowledge; with wine personalities both old and new hosting talks and tastings, supper clubs and parties.

Wristbands and event tickets are all on sale now at londonwineweek.com, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook @LDNWineWeek for news and updates.

Cheers London!

Courtesy of: londonwineweek.com


Posted on Jan 06, 2014
Dale DeGroff | 2014 Drinking Trends

To find out what you’ll be drinking this year, we asked bartending legend and Liquor.com advisory board member Dale DeGroff to share with us the biggest cocktail trends he’s forecasting for 2014. Here’s what he’s predicting. Cheers!


2013 might have been the year of the flavored spirit. There are literally hundreds of flavored spirits and even more in the works. (Not to mention a rash of bars serving bacon-flavored and -infused booze. Care for a bacon chocolate Martini?) I have to admit, my heart sank whentequila fell prey to this trend. I hoped for some restraint in the agave category, but just Google “flavored tequila,” and you’ll weep. Then I tasted Avión Espresso Tequila, and life was good again. That is until I saw the recipe for a concoction called Red Hot Saturday Mix calling for sweet and sour mix, flavored tequila, grenadine and triple sec. All that sweetness with nothing to balance it! Listen, this is all good clean fun, but the market will sort things out in the end.


Oh mama, it’s umami! Make way for the fifth taste, savory, which is breaking down cocktail barriers. For example, the charming Colin Field, head bartender at Paris’ famed Hemingway Bar in The Ritz, popularized an Italian Martini, which is made with olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese. He’s not alone. I’m seeing more drinks utilizing umami-heavy tomatoes and even soy sauce. As for Colin, he has another year of exile before The Ritz finishes its extensive renovation.


Distributors, liquor stores and bars are all expanding their artisanal-spirits selections. In New York one store, Whiskey & Wine Off 69, has even gone locavore, dedicating several shelves to locally made spirits.

White dog (new make spirit), rum and vodka are still the leaders in the craft-spirits world, but that’s changing, with more and more gin being produced. My fellow Liquor.com advisory board members Allen Katz of The New York Distilling Company and spirits author David Wondrich even collaborated to recreate a colonial gin from an 1809 recipe. Their Chief Gowanus New-Netherland Gin is distilled from a base of rye, hops and juniper berries.


For years, cocktail ingredient lists were growing to outrageous lengths. Fortunately, many craft-cocktail bartenders are paring down recipes to include only things that actually contribute to the balance and the flavor of a drink. This trend will lead to the creation of new classic cocktails that future generations will look back on as gems from the Second Golden Age of the Cocktail.

Master mixologist Dale DeGroff is the author of The Essential Cocktail and The Craft of the Cocktail. He is also a Liquor.com advisory board member.
Courtesy of: liquor.com


Moscato d’Bali

Bali Winemaker Sababay Wins Award for its Delightfully Delicious Moscato d’Bali Wine at Singapore Wine Show

Bali News: Moscato d’Bali
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A gathering of friends and media was held at Sababay Winery in Gianyar on Saturday, May 24, 2014, to celebrate the triumphal win of a Silver Award by their newest vintage Moscato d’Bali at the Wine & Spirit Asia Wine Challenge 2014 just held in Singapore.

The evening was hosted by the visionary mother-daughter founding team of Mulyati and Evy Gozali with delicious amuse bouche prepared by Bali’s own celebrity chef Mandif M. Warokka – owner of Teatro Gastroteque.

Made from Muscat grapes grown in cooperative vineyard of 65-hectares in Buleleng, North Bali,Moscato d’Bali is naturally sparkling by combining fermented juice with natural juice of the same grape resulting a fruity sweet wine with low alcohol and sparkling sensation.

Reminiscent of the wines produced by the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, we’re predicting sweet and effervescent Moscato d’Bali will become a runaway success in the Asian wine market now discovering the enjoyment of wine and the wine’s suitability as a pairing for Asian cuisine.

Drunk young while the sparkle is at its most bubbly, Moscato d’Bali is best consumer very chilled. It has a straw color with persistent bubbles. Look for a sent of white flowers with mango overtones and hint of lemon zest.

Sababay wines are processed and fermented in a spotless state-of-the-winemaking-art winery located on Jalan I.B. Mantra – a short drive from Bali’s capital of Denpasar. Produced under the watchful eye of French-born winemaker Vincent Desplat, the winery produced five wines produced from Alphonse-Lavallee and Belgia grapes grown in Bali.

The five wines are:

  • MOSCATO D’BALI – A sparkling, effervescent sweet wine produced from Muscat wines.
  • LUDISIA – A red wine made from grapes grown in the dry season. A sweet red style wine that can be served at room temperature or slightly chilled.
  • PINK BLOSSOM – A Rose style wine best drank young that keeps excellent company with Indonesian cuisine.
  • BLACK VELVET – A wine with dark rub tones and complexity imparted by contact with French Oak during the fermentation process.
  • WHITE VELVET – A white wine that develops some complexity with age, bets served very chilled. A fresh and lively fruity wine well suited to entertaining in tropical climates.

Sababay Winery has a strong sense of its role in striving to retain Bali’s endangered agricultural character. Revolutionary cooperative efforts in the growing process are helping farmers in Bali retain ancestral land and derive a future rich with promise from working the land. Following sustainable best practice at each step of the growing and wine production process, Sababay strives produce a quality product that nurtures its partners and consumers.

Courtesy of: balidiscovery.com